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Our Founding Queens

From Princesses to Queens is on a mission to encourage our girls to live up to their highest potential by discovering and embracing their God given talents. The goal of this program is to inspire women and girls by providing them with intelligent,business-minded mentors, and hands-on workshops that will help to cultivate their talents and skills.


Ps&Qs welcomes goal-orientated, driven Queens to join us in our quest to motivate our young princesses to always:

Be Real, Be Ready, & Be Royal! 

Meet Our Founding Queens:

Ms. Hester

Founder of Ps&Qs

Ms.US Continental 2017 

Principal of Prestige Academy

Ms.Ebony Allen
Co-Founder of  Ps&Qs
Founder of BMW(Business Minded Women)
Founder of B&E Creations
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