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Our Mission

From Princess to Queens is a non-profit organization created to inspire young ladies to be self-sufficient, intelligent leaders by providing supportive mentor-ship from adolescence to adulthood.


Ps&Qs was founded on the concept that all girls are Queens in training and it’s the responsibility of passionate, committed, and driven women to help guide young women of today to their royal thrones.


Ps&Qs offers a variety of opportunities for young girls to participate in such as the arts, business & entrepreneurship, modeling, pageantry, etiquette training, physical fitness, relationship building, cooking & gardening,  and career development.


Ps&Qs is an elite program that focuses on inspiring mental and spiritual beauty by offering programs designed to influence creativity and leadership.


We believe that an intellectually confident, and compassionate woman can move mountains in her life and the lives of others!
Our Motto: Be Real, Be Ready, Be Royal 
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